White Supremacist Church Shooter Dylan Roof’s Jailhouse Attacker Rises To Fame, Gets Out Of Jail

White Supremacist Church Shooter Dylan Roof’s Jailhouse Attacker Rises To Fame, Gets Out Of Jail
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How a 25-year-old jailmate went from from zero to hero....

The struggle was real for Dwyane Stafford who had no job, no home and no money. So when he was arrested for strong armed robbery, assault and battery charges, it’s obvious he couldn’t afford the $100,000 bond that had been set by the judge.

While waiting for his trial, in which Stafford stands by his claim that he is innocent of the allegations against him, he found himself in the same county jail unit as Dylan Roof.

Remember back in June of 2015 when Roof,  the 21-year-old white supremacist, opened fire in the historic Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, South Carolina? Well, Stafford sure did! And a series of events gave him the opportunity to ‘hit him with that left,right.’

Roof is also awaiting trial for his crimes and has been incarcerated in a protective custody-type situation at the  County Jail, reports MSN News. Unsurprisingly, many inmates reportedly have problems with Roof and until last week he has been protected from the wrath of his fellow inmates.

It was a couple of encounters that led Stafford to target Roof.

“I’d say, ‘What’s up man,’ and he’d come to the cell door smiling like I’m his friend.” Stafford did not initially plan to beat up Roof until he insulted Stafford’s recently deceased father. #FightingWords

From that point on Stafford began to plot and waited until he could catch Roof and the Guards ‘slipping.’

That opportunity came August, 4.

According to reports, a guard improperly shut Stafford’s cell door, causing it not to latch completely.  After the guard walked away to escort Roof to the jail showers, Stafford followed.

The guard then walked away from Roof to tend to another inmate and Stafford took flight on Roof, beating him until he was bloody.

When the internet got wind of what happened. Stafford began to receive praise for the beat down of the South Carolina, church shooter. Social justice advocates and activists began working and raising funds to pay Stanford’s bond but wait! The support didn’t stop there Stafford soon found himself represented by attorney Marvin Pendarvis, who promised to do everything in is power to get Stafford released from county jail.

Stafford is now released from jail! Even though he did not get $100,000 in donations, a bondsman was willing to give him financial leniency.  Stafford now has a roof over his head, food, clothing and legal representation along with the support of his community. Talk about zero to hero.

It’s common for inmates to get back at other inmates that commit crimes

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