Black Teen Harassed By Police For Mowing The Grass In His Own Neighborhood

Texas teen injured
Mookie Mook via Instagram

There's driving while black, running while black, and now, there's cutting grass while black.

According to PINAC News, a 19-year-old landscaper in Houston was stopped by police simply for cutting grass and handing out his business card to locals. As you expected, it only got worse from there.

The cops pulled the teen over after a neighbor called 911, claiming there was a "suspicious" man in their neighborhood. Moments later, the teen was handcuffed without reason. The entire situation was caught on camera. See for yourself:

Later that day, police showed up at the teen's house and released a police dog on him, which left him with several injuries. 

According to PINAC News, the teen was bitten by a police dog for "not complying with police arrest orders" and for "failure to ID." It's unclear how the police gained entry to the teenager's home...or why he was even stopped by police in the first place.

Houston Police have since confirmed that it was a "police impersonator" and that it's not a HPD officer.

But now...people are asking, "if it's not a HPD officer, then who the hell is it?"

"So are y'all just gonna let this happen or is there a ongoing investigation, feel like the public would feel more at peace if we got answers," one user Tweeted. Another user asked "Can you figure out who this person is based on the license plate # of his vehicle?"

We hope we can get answers soon. 

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