Shaq Tipped A Waitress $4,000 Simply Because She Asked For It

Shaq Tipped A Waitress $4,000 Simply Because She Asked For It

Ask and ye shall receive—especially if you are serving dinner to Shaquille O'Neal. 

If you hadn't already heard, the former Laker is legendary for more than dunking a basketball, winning championships, and endorsing Icy Hot. He is a firm believer in rewarding great service. The NBA great sat down recently with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about the unveiling of a statue in his honor at the Los Angeles Staples Center and, of course, his generosity

Shaq is the kind of man who tips his valet $300 to park his car and will just do it himself if he has no cash on him. Reportedly in 1997, he gave a bellman at a Marriott Hotel in Utah $100 just for driving him to a McDonald's. Waitresses have fared well when Shaq dines in their stations and even when he doesn't.

So what's the biggest tip Shaq has ever given a server? How about $4,000!!! Shaq makes it a habit of asking how much the waitstaff wants. One very smart lady went for it and got exactly what she wanted: "The most someone said was $4,000. And I said 'OK, no problem,'" O'Neal recounted. Needless to say, she was one happy lady as that tip paid two months of her rent.

What can we learn from all of this? Two things: ask for what you want and two, waiting tables or parking cars at Shaq's favorite spots might be the best side hustle you will ever have!

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