Here's What To Do If Your Dog Eats Your Pot Brownies

Here's What To Do If Your Dog Eats Your Pot Brownies
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All dogs love to eat. Wherever there is food, a dog is waiting patiently there in case it drops to the floor or he figures out a way to knock it down. While they love their food, human food is the forbidden fruit, a rare treat that is only for the owner...that is, until the cute little pup suckers you in for a piece. 

With the legalization of marijuana domino-ing all over the country, more and more people have posted Snapchats, YouTube videos, and Instagrams of their dogs getting high after they were fed (accidentally or on purpose) a hefty amount of weed. 

Like humans, dogs are sometimes prescribed marijuana for pain or nausea relief. However, this is extremely rare. Most of the time, dogs have found a way to get into their owner's stash. 

Your pet will most likely be fine if this happens, especially if it is just a piece of an edible or a small cut. If they eat too much, the marijuana could be potentially toxic or coma-inducing. Thus, it is imperative to take your dog immediately to your vet after consumption. 

This absolutely does not mean that you shouldn't toke up in the presence of your dog. If you get stoned, it could potentially create a larger bond between you and your dog. You might listen to some tunes together on your old vinyl player or go for a really amazing walk on the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Whatever it is, keep the marijuana out of the your dogs reach and in the reach of you and your friends. 

Dogs process marijuana differently, just like how all humans process the drug in different ways. If you want to get your dog "high," just give him some attention. Maybe scratch his butt or give him the best belly rub of his life. When you do that, endorphins are released in his brain, and he becomes happier. The phrase "High on life" quite literally applies here. Your dog will thank you. 

So, don't give your dog marijuana. It is not funny and potentially dangerous. Your dog will thank you. We will thank you. Your vet will thank you. 

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