Video of Couple Getting It On Inside A Houston Shelter Goes Viral...And Other Weird Hurricane Harvey News

Couple in bed
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Evacuating (or losing) your home during a hurricane and being forced to live on a cot in a shelter must be a stressful situation for anyone to find themselves in, but there are some ways of relieving stress that are just not appropriate! A video has gone viral of a couple in a Houston shelter that appear to be passing the time by having sex, with only a blanket between them and the world.

The video was recorded at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston and was shared via Facebook Live before it went viral and was picked up by news stations. We don't know for sure if the couple was doing what we think they were doing, but it sure does look like it!

There have been some truly bizarre headlines coming out of Houston and other cities affected by Hurricane Harvey. Peep our gallery to see what other interesting news stories are coming out of the affected cities.

Floods Bring Floating Fire Ant Colonies

Floating fire ant colonies

Not-so-fun fact about fire ants: they can build floating colonies so that they don't drown. So while people were dealing with high flood waters in Houston, they also had to keep an eye out for millions of ants on makeshift rafts!

Missouri Mother Donates 1000oz of Breast Milk

Missouri mother donates breast milk

This is actually a story about a generous mother trying to help other mothers during the storm, but it's a little hard to wrap your mind around the quantity! According to reports, Danielle Palmer had an "oversupply" of breast milk (about 300 feedings worth), so she donated it instead of letting it go to waste.

Floodwaters Leave Weird Pink Eggs On Trees

Pink eggs on trees after Hurricane Harvey

Nature is weird! After the storm, people reported finding these little alien pods on trees in Houston. The U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed that the alien sacks are actually egg clusters laid by apple snails, which were transported by floodwaters to places where they are not typically found.

Dog Photographed Carrying Bag of Dog Food

Dog carrying dog food

Dogs are smart animals, but are they smart enough to go shopping? This photo of a lost dog named Otis carrying a bag of dog food after the storm went viral online because it was such a weird sight. Thanks to Facebook, Otis was eventually reunited with his family.

Sharks On The Highway??

Hurricane Harvey shark photo

During the storm, photos of sharks and alligators on the highways and on doorsteps went viral and caused people to panic. The New York Times reported that it was just a hoax by people with nothing better to do.

Fishing In The Living Room

Man fishing in home

One family in Houston found a fish in their flooded living room so they decided to find the silver lining and have some fun (and some dinner). In a series of hilarious videos posted to Facebook, the dad is shown chasing the fish around the house until he eventually catches it with his bare hands.

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