Want to Shop At Black Owned Businesses? Here's How To Find Them

Want to Shop At Black Owned Businesses? Here's How To Find Them
webuyblack via Instagram

It's important to seek out black owned businesses, because it gives us all an opportunity to put our money into companies that support other African-Americans. With most popular, mainstream companies being white-owned, many black entrepreneurs have taken it upon themselves to create a product and share it with the world, too.

But, black owned businesses aren't always easy to find, especially those who are just getting started in the business world. Thanks to the internet, we have access to black owned businesses who can ship their product to you, or who you can buy from locally and meet in person. Keep reading to see how you can support.


We Buy Black functions on Instagram and on their own webpage. They connect you to many black owned businesses in the country. Products featured on their webpage include soaps, clothes for children, cleaning products, fashions, and much more. You can also get into contact with We Buy Black if you are interested in having your products featured on their website and social media pages.


If you're looking for a black-owned bank to open an account with, you may be in luck. Many major cities in the U.S. have banks that are operated and run by African-Americans, including: Memphis, Chicago, L.A., Manhattan, Atlanta, and more. Check out a map here.

Search Online

Searching online for black owned business can be very fruitful. You can narrow your search down to businesses in your local area, or you can make a broad search for black owned businesses anywhere. Many websites also post articles with featured black businesses, like Mashable's compilation of 11 innovative black businesses. 

It's also important to support any friends or family who are hoping to get their start as an entrepreneur. Everyone gets their start somewhere, and a strong, supportive black community is needed for more black business owners to thrive in their market.

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