10 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching 'Queen Sugar' Right Now

'Queen Sugar' is the show that you must watch
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Have you ever imagined a show that addressed racism and other things that minorities face America? Now, what if said show represented the minority group in question with dignity and realness instead of in the all-too-familiar stereotypical manner? You're probably thinking, "That'll never happen." 

Well, that just goes to show that you haven't been watching Queen Sugar. For shame!

Nova's response to blatant racism during Queen Sugar's mid-season finale for season two is every reason why you should be tuning into the show. The fierce journalist refuses to stand down in the face of adversity and, as a result, shows us the lioness spirit of the African American women. Hello, somebody!

Other just fab moments include Nova and Charley's blow up over the elder sibling's comments about the younger's marriage, and Ralph Angel's never-ending list of screw ups. That guy can never get it right. 

Check out ten more reasons you should be tuning into OWN's Queen Sugar in the gallery above.

The Show's Created By Ava DuVernay In Collaboration With Oprah

Ava DuVernay's 'Queen Sugar' is making waves for all the right reasons

Anything that Oprah touches turns to gold. In addition, Ava DuVernay was the first African American female director nominated for a Golden Globe and Academy Award for "Best Picture." If that isn't a big deal, then what is?

Nova Bordelon—Need We Say More?

Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley) of 'Queen Sugar' is full of surprises

She is full of cultural pride and love for family. On one hand, Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley) is pumping her fist in the air in support of black power. On the other hand, the oldest sibling of the family appears to sway in favor of the oppressor. Who is this passionate journalist that outsiders trust?

All Of The Directors Are Women

Season 2 directors of 'Queen Sugar'

Talk about woman power! Ava DuVernay revolutionized Hollywood when she decided to make her cast of directors for Queen Sugar women from various backgrounds and nationalities. Every episode is a different flavor of storytelling because of this dynamic.

The Spirituality Is Subtle

'Queen Sugar' has a touch of spirituality in its storyline

Forced religion is definitely not popular these days, which is why light references to spirituality are appreciated in Queen Sugar. Nova says a quiet prayer for a battered teen, and the siblings lightly reference religion when making plans for their father's funeral. No bible beating here!

The Show Was Filmed In Beautiful New Orleans

'Queen Sugar' was filmed in New Orleans

Adequately presenting the beauty and culture of the South requires authenticity. Where else can one go for the breath-taking fields combined with a touch of the city life other than New Orleans? Cast members of Queen Sugar got a five-month-long trip to The Big Easy to film season one of the series. 

The Series Is Filmed Like A Traditional Motion Picture

'Queen Sugar' returned for a second season in June

Much like Bates Motel, where every episode left you on the edge of you seat, Queen Sugar is made in cliff-hanger form. Every episode is a piece to the puzzle of the big reveal that comes at the end.

Inclusion Over Everything

'Queen Sugar' is more about inclusion than diversity

Yes, diversity is important. The driving force behind Ava DuVernay's hit series, however, is inclusion. As DuVernay explains, "We aren't sitting around talking about diversity, just like we aren't sitting around talking about being black or being women. We're just being that." Well said. 

Black. Lives. Matter

Ava DuVernay says 'Queen Sugar' inevitably supports the Black Lives Matter movement

Ava DuVernay recently told media that Queen Sugar promotes the Black Lives Matter movement with every episode that airs. She's kind of right considering the show centers around an African-American family who significantly impact their social and work spheres. 

The Series Was Renewed For A Second Season Well In Advance

'Queen Sugar' was renewed for a second season before the first episode of season one aired

The first episode of season one didn't air before Oprah and her OWN crew decided to renew Queen Sugar for a 16-episode season two. They must have had some sort of hindsight because the premiere episode of the show garnered around 2.42 million views.

You Can't Get This Type Of Drama Anywhere Else

'Queen Sugar' offers a different perspective of black families not often celebrated

Sure, there's the family dynamic present in shows devoted to organized crime. You can't, however, readily find a series centered around the African-American family that speaks of the black experience minus the stereotype. Queen Sugar does the latter, which makes it the show that everyone has been asking for. 

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