She's Single Again! Nicki Minaj's Sexiest Instagram Pics Are Far From Meek

She's Single Again! Nicki Minaj's Sexiest Instagram Pics Are Far From Meek

The queen of hip-hop is going through a tough time right now.

Nicki and Meek Mill, split up during Nicki's birthday trip to Turks and Caicos, back in December. Things went left, according to XXL, after Nicki was up set because Meek wasn't showing her enough attention. Not here for it, Meek reportedly packed his things and bounced. 

Everything was hush, hush and when the new year rang in Queen Barbz kept it classy and the diva of devastating disses declined to dismantle Meek in public. But she did let her Barbs in on her newly single status in a tweet.

Now rumors are swirling that Meek cheated with a woman named Sonye Rasool, according to TMZ. Not sure if Omeeka will reconcile, but Nicki is a pretty hot commodity! With one scroll down Nicki's Instagram page, you know the sexy rapstress is sure to bounce back. Keep reading for a look at what Meek will be missing...

X Marks The Spot

Gothic naughty.

Barely..Dressed In All Black

How are those things holding on? We have no idea, and it doesn't seem like she does, either.

All Tied Up

50 Shades of Pink!

Blondes Have More Fun

This shirt looks like it can't decide if it wants to stay on. Nicki's teasing us.

Backstage Bathroom

Forget the shirt. 

Selfie Served Delicious

Bawdy, black, lace and Chanel✔️


Poor Meek...this is total cuteness.

Pretty In Pink

Barely any pink though, since there is barely any clothing in this picture.

Back In Black

Classic Nicki beauty, with an all-around view to booty.

Bad In Boxer Briefs

Nicki invites us into her private space for some serious intimacy. Yum!


How far down does that zipper go? We're thinking it's all the way.

Sultry Snowflake

Haute couture? More like hot couture.


Showing off her powerful legs, and some other things too.


Imagine getting caught up in all that fish net...

All Tucked In

It's simple, but just seeing her head on a pillow makes us think scandalous thoughts.

Sheerly Irresistible

This classic tour look gives you life and a whole lot more.

Baby Got Back

Wave bye, bye to this famous booty, but don't forget to keep checking her page for more mischief.

Back Shots

How thongs count as underwear when they're actually covered themselves by bodacious body parts is still anyone's guess. This cover will forever be a poster on every man's wall.

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