Serena Williams Opens Up About Her Childbirth Complications In A Jaw-Dropping Vogue Cover Story

serena williams and daughter alexis on vogue
Vogue / Mario Testino

Serena Williams is the living embodiment of the "do-it-all" woman: She's an award-winning athlete, an activist, a mother, a wife, and — as of this week — a three-time Vogue cover star. 

The 36-year-old tennis champ posed for the magazine's February 2018 issue with her baby girl, Alexis Olympia, and sat down with reporter Rob Haskell for the accompanying cover story — an eye-opening interview about everything from Williams' scary-at-times pregnancy to motherhood to the future of her career.

“Now that I’m 36 and I look at my baby, I remember that this was also one of my goals when I was little, before tennis took over, when I was still kind of a normal girl who played with dolls," Williams explained. "Oh, my God, I loved my dolls. To be honest, there’s something really attractive about the idea of moving to San Francisco and just being a mom. But not yet."

Chillin' in San Fran with her husband and daughter sounds cool and all, but right now, Williams has her eye on more Grand Slams. 

"Maybe this goes without saying, but it needs to be said in a powerful way: I absolutely want more Grand Slams. I’m well aware of the record books, unfortunately. It’s not a secret that I have my sights on 25," added Williams, who currently has 23 Grand Slams.

While chatting with Vogue, Williams also talked about the complications she went through in her pregnancy, including multiple surgeries and an emergency cesarean section. Because of her history of blood clots, Williams dealt with a pulmonary embolism, but luckily, a CT scan and a heparin drip saved the day. (You can read all about it over at Vogue.)

Now baby Alexis and Serena are healthier than ever. To see all of the pictures from their Vogue shoot with Williams' husband Alexis Ohanian and other members of their extended family, check out our gallery!

We wonder if little Alexis Olympia knows she's the youngest Vogue cover star in the magazine's 125-year history.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this mother-daughter duo? 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍

Sister, sister!

Such a beautiful couple, it hurts.

Where was our invite though?

This needs to be framed in every American household STAT.

Before watching this video, my life was in shambles. Now, my crops are flourishing, my skin has cleared up, and everything is back on track. BLESS UP. 

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