Russell Wilson's B-Day Shoutout To Baby Future Shows What It Means To Be A Great Stepdad

russell wilson future

You be the judge – is this cute, or over the line?

Russell Wilson just posted a happy birthday message with a smiling lil’ Future, and he captioned the photo with “Papa Russ.”

So this drama’s been going on damn near since Future was born. Ciara’s son is, of course, biologically fathered by rapper Future, but Wilson’s been in the kid’s life since the beginning as a stepfather.

That hasn’t stopped trolls on the internet from calling out Wilson for ‘stealing’ Future’s role as a dad, and that controversy’s only gotten more intense since the family posed nearly nude for Harpers Bazaar, and then on Mother’s Day when Russell referred to little Future as “our [kid].”

The adult Future’s also been calling out Russell constantly over this drama, but Wilson’s remained mostly above it all, instead focusing on being a good husband and father (and quarterback). That said, this latest Instagram post is sure to rile everyone up all over again:

The adorable caption reads, “The smile you make when you turn 3! I Love You! Happy Birthday! Love, Papa Russ.” 

But there’s no way it’s just going to end there. If adult Future doesn’t call out Wilson for referring to himself as “Papa,” the internet trolls surely will.

Regardless of what the haters say, Russell just welcomed into the world Sienna Princess Wilson a few weeks ago, so his and Ciara’s family continues to happily grow & everyone inside that unit seems happy and in love.

And really, how can you be mad at him, when you see how adorable Russell is with little Future? Check out some of their cutest family pics in the slideshow above.

russell wilson ciara future

Winter wonderland!

russell wilson future

How can you possible be upset at him for just being a good stepfather?

ciara future russell wilson

They're adorable, even when you can't see their faces.

russell wilson ciara future

This is that controversial nude shoot we were talking about. Just assuming/hoping those hands on the bottom are Russell's...

ciara future

"Papa Russ" was behind the camera for this one, but he's still showing the love by posting it to IG.

russell wilson future

I'd be smiling too, if I were hanging out in the Seahawks locker room.

ciara future russell wilson

Look at the little guy's smile. Isn't that what matters?

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