Chrissy Teigen Posted A Topless Photo Of Herself Making Salad And The Internet CANNOT Deal

chrissy teigen

In case you need another reason to love Chrissy Teigen, she just posted this beyond-perfect Instagram pic of her casually tossing a salad in the nude. NBD. But, it's not just the image we love, it's the trademark-Teigen accompanying humor that has turned us into equal parts heart eyes and laughing emojis.

The model and author, who is currently preparing to welcome her second child with husband, John Legend, decided she wanted a salad. She then decided to prepare it au naturel, because why tf not?

With a towel wrapped around her bottom half, probably to keep creeps' eyes away, she let her baby bump take the spotlight. And of course, to follow Instagram's bogus rules, she placed two salad emojis strategically over her chest. 

“Plz don’t shame me I am a strong proud salad making woman just being natural and trying to live my life,” she captioned the photo, proudly pushing back against body insecurities by baring herself in her natural state, pregnant curves and all. 

Or, in other words, Chrissy Teigen is not here for your body shaming.

Fans quickly responded with messages of support, and of course, lots of laughs.

Even her celeb friends responded, like Jane Lynch, who called the image, "tremendous."

All jokes aside, though, Teigen is a brutally honest badass who struggles with body image just like the rest of us. After the birth of her first baby, Luna, she decided to post more candid photos of herself to send a positive message to her daughter and her fans. Here's some other candid photos and glowing pregnancy pics the Cravings author has proudly shared with us.

Here's Chrissy looking absolutely breathtaking alongside her husband. WORK IT, girlfriend.

And here she is buying the necessities, like Cap'N Crunch and potatoes. Chrissy Teigen: she's just like us!

Here, Chrissy explains how important it is that you feel good about how you look, rather than just looking good. But, of course, she mentions both feeling and looking good is definitely a bonus.

Chrissy is fully embracing her pregnant bod in this photo, open robe and all. We are LIVING for it.

Chrissy not-so-subtly shows that models like eating pork when they're pregnant too. They don't just eat nuts and berries, ya'll.

It's totally cool if you eat McDonalds while getting ready for the red carpet. Chrissy said it's okay!

And just in case you need a reminder that you can wear whatever TF you want when you're pregnant, here is Chrissy Teigen sporting a YANINA Couture head-to-toe silver sequin dress with a killer slit up the side. YAS QUEEN.

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