'Love & Hip Hop' To 'Basketball Wives': These Are The Most Ratchet Fights In Reality TV History!

'Love & Hip Hop' To 'Basketball Wives': These Are The Most Ratchet Fights In Reality TV History!
Chrissy vs. Kimbella (VH1)

From cussing out somebody's mama to knocking out your best friend, you can count on reality TV to keep it real ratchet. 

Get your scroll on, these are the craziest reality TV beat downs of all time. Well, so far...

"You are a non-muthafuckin factor, Bitch!"

Dem fighting words… fa sho. That’s why Tami knocked Evelyn upside her head on Basketball Wives. But Evelyn won this round by unknowingly creating a new catchphrase to dismiss bitches.

Did That White Girl Just Spit on New York?!

Spitting in someone's face is the ultimate disrespect! That's why New York snatched Pumpkin's ass up real quick on Flavor of Love. Bet she won't spit on anybody else.

Kenya vs. Porsha

Ms. "Gone with the Wind fabulous" Kenya Moore got that "Gone with the Wind" weave pulled, chile. Porsha had enough of Miss USA's shenanigans on the RHOA reunion.

Chrissy Lampkin Sucker Punched Kimbella!

Yo, Jim Jones... you better treat Chrissy right, or she'll kick your ass like she did Kimbella. Why did she knock her out like that?! Kimbella didn't even see it coming. But she took that punch and managed to "Still look pretty!" Or, so she claims.

Evelyn vs. Royce

Hmm... Evelyn kept the fists flying on Basketball Wives

Tyra Gone Crazy

Tyra started yelling like crazy and telling ANTM contestant Tiffany to shut up. Then she hit her with -- “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” Uh… oook.

Teresa Flips the Fuck Out

When Teresa Giudice's eyes started popping out on RHONJ, we knew we were in for some gangsta mob shit. She flipped that table and flipped the fuck out.

Steebie & Joseline vs. Errrrbody!

We all know crack is wack... and coke ain't no joke! Stevie J. and Joseline looked high as hell when they beat up damn near the entire LHHATL cast during the season three reunion.

Bloody "Sundy"

We didn't know Draya had it in her! On Basketball Wives: LA, Sundy Carter told Draya to "Come on!" So she did. In the end, Sundy had a black eye and threatened to sue.

"It Wasn't Not Funny!"

Y'all remember Tami Roman on Real World L.A. back in the 90s? Her fight with David when he ripped off her blanket had her screaming "It wasn't not funny" and GTFOH! Well, David ended up being the first person ever kicked off Real World. Sigh... why it have to be the black guy though?!

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