Leslie Jones, American Hero, Deserves A Gold Medal For Her Twitter Coverage Of The Winter Olympics

leslie jones olympics
Ben Gabbe / Getty Images and @Lesdoggg on Twitter

From the manic, Neo Nazi-plagued depths of Twitter emerges our saving grace: Leslie Jones' coverage of the Winter Olympics.

As of Thursday night, the 50-year-old comedian, Saturday Night Live cast member, and fangirl has officially reprised her role as the unofficial live-tweeter of the Games — and boy, she does not disappoint. 

"Look at that! DID HE DO BEYONCÉ?!" 😂

Barring any additional snow delays — like the one that cancelled her original flight over to South Korea Wednesday — Jones will soon join NBC in PyeongChang to contribute to its official Olympics coverage. (For now, she's just live-tweeting in the comfort of an Atlanta hotel room.)

The network had previously flown Jones out to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 after her hilarious tweets about the Summer Olympics stole the Twitterverse's collective heart (and funny bone), as HuffPost reported.

Take a spin through the gallery to see some highlights from Jones' coverage so far!


I can't with that tie. I CANNOT.

A ~lewk~, some might say.


"This is how I wanna walk into the donut place." 😂


A moooood.

Bonus points for those sound effects.

Leslie Jones, relationship guru.


He's back.


Get this man a new stylist, STAT.

Honestly? Fair.


Bless you, Leslie Jones. 🙏

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