10 Celebrities Who Keep Their Children Out Of The Spotlight

These stars are keeping their kids out of the limelight
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Some celebrities talk about privacy right before getting in the limelight to take pictures. Then, there are those superstars who are serious about their personal space to the extent of nearly pushing paparazzi out of their paths. 

Privacy becomes even more crucial for celebrity couples with kids. Some of these stars have taken their cries for normalcy as it pertains to their children all the way to Capitol Hill (insert: Halle Berry). 

It's understandable for star moms and dads to not want cameras in their children's faces all of the time. These are, after all, kids we're talking about. Some celebrity couples, however, take their mission to shield their kids from Hollywood's spotlight to the max, which brings us to this list. These stars are definitely not in a hurry to have paparazzi taking shots of their kids. 

Donald Glover

Donald Glover is one celebrity dad who shields his kid from the limelight

Donald Glover and his girlfriend became parents for the first time last year. The public has yet to see a first photo of the couple's son, though, as the celebrity father has not shared any pictures of his little one online. Donald did, however, give his fans the name of his first child, which is Legend. 

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks only shared a full picture of her son for fear of paparazzi making money off York

Tyra Banks only shared a second picture of her son because she thought paparazzi would make money off her and boyfriend Erik Asla's child after spotting them during a visit to the beach. Luckily for Tyra,  she shielded York to the extent of paparazzi being unable to get a good shot. "Now his picture's out there and I didn't need it to be," the star mom told Seth Meyers. 


Iman and her late husband, David Bowie, managed to shield their daughter for 17 years.

Only when Lexi was celebrating her seventeenth birthday were fans able to see a social media image of her. The youngster's parents, Iman and the late David Bowie, worked hard to keep their daughter out of the limelight, which led to Lexi living out a normal life—as normal as having a supermodel of a mom and rock star for a dad could be.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is devoted to the notion of privacy when it comes to her kids

Kerry Washington and husband Nnambi Asomugha have two children Caleb and Isabelle. The couple is adamant about keeping all of their family affairs private, and that includes refraining from sharing pictures of the kids online. Kerry wasn't even photographed with her children during the world premiere of 'Cars 3,' which was a children's film. Now that's dedication to a cause!

Halle Berry

Halle Berry took her cause of privacy for celebrity kids to lawmakers

She'll talk about her kids and even let paparazzi snap a few photos of little Maceo and Nahla, but you won't see Halle Berry sharing loads of homegrown pictures online. Those who visit her Instagram page in hopes of seeing the kiddos will do good to see the back or feet of Nahla and Maceo. Halle is very strategic in hiding her kids' faces in shots.

Berry has actually become quite the advocate for privacy when it comes to celebrity kids and pictures. Some may remember the actress taking her plea for protection against paparazzi who harass children of celebrities in the name of taking a good picture to California legislators. Halle told lawmakers that Nahla was fearful of going to school because of the nonstop terror that she experienced from adult photographers lying in wait outside of the learning center. 

Berry brought her good friend, Jennifer Garner, along to affirm the problem that kids of celebrity parents face. "There are violent, mentally-ill stalkers who can now get close to my kids by simply following mobs of photographers and blending in," Garner told legislators. "Like the very man who threatened to cut the babies out of my belly. Who was arrested waiting behind our daughter's preschool, standing among the throng of paparazzi. That man is still in prison, but I have no doubt there are others like him still out there."

Senate Bill 606, put forward by state senator Kevin de Leon, passed in 2013 and now imposes harsher punishments on those photographers whose behavior turns threatening towards children of the stars. 

"I started this fight with a great deal of hope and a bit of uncertainty," Halle said after getting wind of the victory. "On behalf of my children, it is my hope that this is the beginning of the end for those overly aggressive paparazzi whose outrageous conduct has caused so much trauma and emotional distress."

Way to go, Halle!

Lauren London

Lauren London is one of few celebrities who successfully lives out a private life in Hollywood

Lauren London shielding her kids from the spotlight has more to do with her quest for overall privacy and less to do with the actress trying to make life more challenging for paparazzi. The actress, after all, didn't even tell her public that she was expecting her second child, Kross (whose dad is Nispey Hussle).

Lauren shared her reasoning behind shielding her son with Lil Wayne, Cameron, during an interview a few years back . "I don’t post pictures of my son because he’s a child and I just don’t think I need to be in the business of promoting my son. It’s nobody’s business, you know." We hear you, girl!

Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle has kids that the general public has not seen

Dave Chappelle and his wife, Elaine, are the proud parents of two sons, Ibrahim and Sulayman, and daughter named Sonal. The general public, however, has not seen many pictures of the couple's kids. The lack of photos online is definitely not representative of a lack of affection, though. In fact, Dave is recognized by many as a celebrity father who all but quit his job to spend more time with his kids. You can't beat that!


Adele and Simon Konecki welcomed a son in 2012.

Adele and charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki welcomed their son on October 19, 2012. Pictures of the singer and her husband's little one online, however, are far and few. 

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling believe in privacy when it comes to family

They may be big names in Hollywood, but Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling definitely don't want their kids to be about that life; well, at least not yet. The entertainers welcomed their youngest daughter, Samantha, in September 2014. Fans didn't see pictures of the little one until a year later. 

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh have four kids who the media rarely sees

The celebrity father and his wife welcomed their son Rocket in 2008 and triplets years later. While the public has yet to see all of the kids in one shot, Pharrell did tell media that parenting three kids of the same age is all about having an assembly line set up for diaper changes and the like. We can only imagine!

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