Amber Rose Has Been Silent During Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashians Slut Shaming Feud, Here's Why

blac chyna and rob kardashian
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In the wake of Blac Chyna's ongoing battle with Rob Kardashian on Instagram and in the courtroom, one person's silence has been particularly loud.

Amber Rose, Chyna's longtime BFF and an outspoken anti-slutshaming advocate, hasn't made a peep about Chyna's current situation. In fact, one new report claims Amber hasn't even SPOKEN to Chyna since the drama with Rob went down!

"Blac and Amber have kind of cooled off for the time being," an insider told "It's not an all-out war, but Amber thinks Chyna can be too combative and too public with her drama at times, which just leads to more drama. Chyna will tell Amber her version of the story, then Amber will get angry on Blac's behalf, and support her on social media, but then details of the story start to change."

Amber's refusal to speak out about Rob's explicit Instagram meltdown has been particularly odd, given how she's worked on reclaiming "sluttiness" for years. As a champion of consent and sex positivity — not to mention the woman behind Los Angeles' annual SlutWalk— shouldn't Amber have been the first to speak out when Rob leaked Chyna's revenge porn?

And it's not like Muva hasn't been on Instagram lately: In the two-ish weeks since Rob went off on Chyna, Amber's been dividing her time between boasting about her budding relationship with 21 Savage and plugging her makeup line.

What 👏 is 👏 happening! 👏

Something major must've happened between these two to cause such a fallout — take a look at the gallery above and just look at how close they've been over the years!

June 2015

amber rose and blac chyna at the 2015 bet awards

Mwuah! Amber and Chyna shared a smooth at the 2015 BET Awards.

August 2015

amber rose and blac chyna at the 2015 mtv video music awards

Chyna and Muva made a statement at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards in these matching ensembles.

September 2015

Amber and Chyna goofed off in front of the camera for this silly September '15 video.

February 2016

amber rose and blac chyna 3

Hot mamas!

"Bae Watch 😎👅," Amber wrote beneath this '16 pic.

May 2016

amber rose and blac chyna 4

Chyna and Amber shared a quick hug in some of Muva's merch last spring.

October 2016

blac chyna and amber rose at the 2016 slutwalk

Chyna even came out to the 2016 SlutWalk to support her bestie's cause.

January 2017

blac chyna and amber rose pose with their cars

Chyna and Muva posed with their respective whips earlier this year.

February 2017

amber rose and blac chyna 2

"We are always there for each other through thick and thin no matter what people say about us," Amber wrote in the caption of this picture. "We're lovers, we're fighters and we're extremely strong women. Often misunderstood from the public but f*ck it if there's any person in the world that understands me it's her ❤"

June 2017

Amber and Chyna were last seen together on June 4, when the former posted a video of their evening drive.

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