6 Things To Remember When You Are Dating A Strong And Fabulous Woman

6 Things To Remember When You Are Dating A Strong And Fabulous Woman

So, you've found yourself dating someone new, and she's a badass, powerful woman who you can't believe you had the good fortune to meet. She's got it all together: Career on fleek, healthy relationships with her friends, finances all in a row, and a bangin' body. And you've heard her described as "a strong woman" more than a few times. Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot. Here are a six things to keep in mind while dating your newfound amazing boo:

She Doesn't Want To Hear All That Gossip

She doesn't have time for gossip and she doesn't want to hear any. Drama free zone, please.

She Probably Doesn't Need Your Help

She doesn't need help putting up shelves, opening the salsa jar, or paying the bills. But that doesn't mean you matter any less to her. Don't be offended if you offer up some help and she declines. 

She's Got Her Eye On The Prize

And she knows what she needs to do to get it. Her life and career goals are super important to her, so your support and belief in her dreams will mean the world to her.

She Needs You To Be Straight Up

No tip-toeing around this one: Be honest about how you're feeling about the relationship. She's got enough going on and definitely doesn't need to worry about if you're truly in this or not. 

She's Going To Want To Take The Wheel More Often Than Not

As long as you respect that (and prove that you're just as good a driver) she'll switch off with you when you want to take over.

She Knows She's Intimidating

So, your ability to appreciate her for who she is underneath her strong, impressive exterior will be much appreciated.

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