10 Pimped Out Dudes Who Made Open Caskets Look Fly AF

Buried in Gucci

Funerals are always sad and depressing, but unfortunately we all have to go sometime. The families of these 10 dudes made sure that they went out looking just as fly in death as they did in life, from custom suits and caskets, to expensive jewelry and wads of cash.

1. C.R.E.A.M.

Dead body covered in money

You can't take it with you, but you sure can look dope with it before they put your body in the ground. The shades and sideways fitted are required.

2. Cadillac Pimpin'

Cadillac casket

This dude is dressed exactly how someone in a custom Cadillac coffin should be. We're willing to bet that the shirt is silk.

3. Polo Down With The Crispy Jordans

Dead man propped upright at his own funeral

This is technically not an open casket because this guy's family chose to skip that part. Instead they threw some Polo on him and propped him up in a chair at his own funeral with a blunt in between his fingers.

4. Everything's Gucci

Man buried in Gucci and gold

My man with the Gucci bucket and the matching pants, though! Peep the jewels on his hands and wrists, too.

5. If Heaven Had A VIP Section

VIP funeral

The casket has a crown on the lining and he has his VIP badge, just in case heaven is as lit as the club.

6. One For the Road

Man in casket with gun, alcohol, and food

Not sure if that's a piece of chicken or a porkchop, but bruh is well-prepared for the next leg of his journey.

7. Riding Out in Style

Man buried on motorcycle in a clear box

You can't get more open casket than a big clear box. This man's last wish was to go out on his favorite motorcycle, so his family had a custom box built to fit him and his prized possession. Hiding all that swag in a solid box would have been a waste.

8. Bishop Eddie Long

Bishop Eddie Long funeral

When you're Bishop Eddie Long, a famous millionaire pastor of a megachurch, your casket fit has to be immaculate. 

9. Like He Never Left The Block

Dead man playing dominoes

Another staged body, this time in a fly adidas tracksuit, a gold chain, and a game of dominoes like it's summer time in the hood.

10. West Coast Legend

Mac Dre funeral

Rest in peace, Mac Dre!

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