Fireball-Making Hand Canons, And 19 Other Dangerous Kids' Toys

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Kids can injure themselves even when playing with completely safe toys, so you have to wonder who thought it was a good idea to put these incredibly dangerous toys in the hands of children. Check out 20 of the most dangerous, irresponsible toys ever produced!

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20. Austin Magic Pistol - Made in the 1950s, this pistol allowed kids to shoot plastic balls at whatever target they chose. These balls were fired by mixing "magic crystals" (aka dangerous chemicals) and water in the back of the gun. Among these "crystals" was calcium carbide, a flammable substance that could cause an explosion when in contact with fluid. Literally, an explosion is what caused these plastic balls to shoot out of the pistol up to 70 feet. Imagine calcium carbide exploding when mixed with water, searing the hands of those firing the trigger!

19. Splash Water Rockets - Prepare for liftoff - to the ER that is - with this toy rocket. Using high water pressure from a hose, the rocket fired way up into the air for endless entertainment. The problem? Not only did these rockets fire at high speeds in unpredictable directions, they could also explode.

18. Snap Bracelets - These spring-loaded metal bands wrapped in plastic or cloth would curl around the wrist when slapped on the arm. With other more cheaply made versions started being made, they started becoming more of a weapon than a toy, causing lacerations on the skin as the metal started wearing through the plastic cover.

17. Aqua Leisure Baby Boats - The idea of having your baby lounge in the pool sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, Aqua Leisure used cheap plastic that tore easily, sending many babies plunging through the plastic and heading for the bottom of the pool.

16. Sky Rangers Park Flyer RC Airplanes - Was it the fact that these remote controlled airplanes could plunge into someone by accident and harm them that puts them on this list? No, it's because these airplanes tended to explode! Nearly 50 kids were injured, causing hearing loss, burns and eye injuries. 

15. Buckyballs - This toy comprised of many strong magnetic balls that allowed children to construct various shapes. The problem? These balls were the perfect size for children's throats, and when more than one were swallowed, they clung together inside the intestinal walls, leading to blood poisoning, organ damage and even death.

14. Stretch Armstrong - Filled with gelled corn syrup, when this toy was stretched to a great degree, it rebounded with great force. Many times the toy wound up smacking a child on the head, easily sending them to the ER with head injuries.

13. Yo-Yo Waterball - Over 400 injuries were reported as a result of this toy. When the coil snapped and the water ball came rocketed back toward the user with such force and speed, a number of serious injuries could occur, including suffocation, strangulation, eye injuries and head injuries.

12. Polly Pockets - This mini plastic dolls came with magnetic clothes that could snap on and off. Unfortunately, the small magnets that could easily loosen were often swallowed by children, causing tears in the lining of the stomach or intestinal walls when multiple magnets were ingested and clung together.

11. Magnetix - This building toy used small magnets that allowed sticks to cling together. Unfortunately, they slipped out easily from between sticks, giving kids the opportunity to swallow them. Many hospital visits happened as a result of kids swallowing many of these these magnets that would stick together and cause serious internal damage. One child even died. We're thinking toys with small magnets is a bad idea.

10. Slip 'N Slide - This classic summer fun toy is seemingly harmless - for kids that is. The danger comes in when teenagers and adults start using it - this slide can't accommodate for the height and weight of adults, and many suffered permanent spinal cord injuries due to the abrupt stop at the end.

9. Moon Shoes - Looking for a mini trampoline for your feet that will quickly send you to the hospital with ankle fractures? You've found it with Moon Shoes.

8. The Swing Wing - This hoola hoop for the head resulted in a number of spinal cord injuries as a result of the back and forth neck action. No doubt!

7. Monster Science Colossal Water Balls - These marble-sized balls could grow to 400x their original size by getting wet! Guess what happened when these marble-sized balls were swallowed by kids? Vomiting and dehydration resulted, to say the least, and the only way to remove them was though surgery.

6. Kite Tube - The idea of combining paragliding with waterskiing and being airborne while being pulled behind a boat actually sounds pretty awesome. The problem? There's literally zero control while you're up there, which could cause rocket-fast nose dives into the water. Three young adults have actually been killed using one.

5. Toy Guns - In 2013, a California police officer shot and killed a 13 year-old because he was carrying a replica AK-47 down the street. Fearing for his safety and the safety of others, the officer shot him, thinking the toy gun was the real deal.

4. Creepy Crawlers - Kids could make their own bug toys by molding them with plastic goop, then baking them in an electric-powered molding machine that heats up to 300 degrees F. In addition to suffering third degree burns from the piping hot plate, breathing in the toxic fumes also sparked a health hazard.

3. Gilbert Chemistry Set - Among the 56 chemicals that came with this set included some lethal ones, like potassium permanganate - a flammable and poisonous substance, and ammonium nitrate - an ingredient used to create bombs!

2. Wood Burning Toy Kits - This wood-etching toy came with a hot hand-held iron that was needed to burn designs on the wood. Unfortunately, the kit didn't come with the necessary leather gloves to protect kids' hands from having their skin burned right off.

1. Gilbert Glass Blowing Set - Here's Gilbert again, this time with a toy that exposed kids to ridiculous amounts of heat to their bare flesh. In case you weren't aware, glass blowing is the art of working with molten glass to make your very own glass creations, and it's done by blowing into molten glass with your mouth. Kids would be fine if they didn't inhale it, or drop it. Keep in mind that in order to change the shape of the glass, it has to reach its softening point of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit first. This "toy" encouraged kids to try this with their bare hands, and results, as you can imagine, were potentially dismal.

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