Napa Valley's First Black-Owned Winery Is A Step In The Right Direction

Brown Estate
@brownestate via Instagram

Napa Valley's first black-owned winery is also the most stylish winery.

Brown Estate is a second generation winery co-helmed by three siblings: Deneen, Coral and David Brown. The winery was initially a financial investment made by their parents in 1980. Bassett and Marcela Brown bought some land in Napa Valley and sold zinfandel grapes to other winemakers.

Napa's Black-Owned Winery
Audrie Pick

But 16 years after the land was initially bought, the Brown children decided to take the grapes they'd been selling and bring them in-house to create a winery of their own. And thus, Brown Estate was born.

Although Brown Estate is making waves as the only black-owned winery in Napa Valley, that's not the only reason people are talking about it.

The space of the winery itself is pretty amazing.

Set in downtown Napa, the Browns called in Catherine Kwong to help them design the interior of the winery. Kwong is well known in the San Francisco universe for "fashionable sensibility", according to 7x7.

Napa's Black-Owned Winery
Audrie Pick

With those super high ceilings, that lush brick and those calming blue and black accent tones, it would be pretty easy to sit in this winery all day long with a bottle... or two... or three.

Napa's Black-Owned Winery
Audrie Pick

Brown Estate isn't one of those snobby wineries that will make you feel guilty for not being a wine connoisseur as soon as you walk through the door. 

In fact, the winery is so approachable that they have a blog to break down some of the finer aspects of wine tasting. For example, this blog article explains how each of the senses contribute to understanding and appreciating the wine that you drink.

Next time you're in Napa, head over to Brown Estate's tasting room. Take a seat in one of those comfy looking chairs, and have a class of Cabernet Sauvignon or two. Even if you don't totally understand every single note within the wine, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll have a good time.

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