Drunk Waffle House Customer Cooks His Own Meal As Waiters Sleep

Alex Bowen
The Grapevine

We've all been there...it's the wee hours of the morning and you've worked up an appetite at the party that was lit! The only thing open is ole faithful..Waffle House. 

It's sort of a rite of passage to have a couple good Waffle House experiences under your belt. We get that. But this guy took it to the extreme when he decided to cook his own meal inside a Waffle House.  Alex Bowen stopped into  a South Carolina Waffle House, but found the entire staff asleep so, he took matters into his own hands. 

Alex walked into the Waffle House but didn't see any staff inside. He walked outside to look for employees when he noticed an employee dozing in a corner booth and that's when he sprung into action. Clearly, he was starvin' like Marvin. Alex went into chef mode and heated up the grill to make himself a double Texas bacon cheesesteak with extra pickles. This man had to eat, y'all.

Alex credits his bold move to “my old friend vodka.”  After catching whiff of the incident ,Waffle House reached out to Alex and apologized for their sleeping employees. Waffle House released a statement saying: “For safety reasons, our customers should never have to go behind the counter, rather they should get a quality experience delivered by friendly associates. We are reviewing this incident and will take appropriate disciplinary action.

Alex cleaned the grill after he finished cooking and headed out with his sandwich. Just like that. #WaffleHouseClassic 

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