Video of Young Men Picking Up Trash In Their Community Goes Viral

black men picking up trash
Al Grant / Facebook

"[It] feels good to clean up and give back to the community!” Is what one of the Taylor County, Georgia youth Al Grant saw picking up trash had to say about his crew.

Grant recently noticed a group of young black men wearing gloves and carrying around trash bags, simply picking up garbage in their neighborhood. Something really small, but very meaningful—especially seeing how Black men are often portrayed in 2017. Even Al asked them who made them clean up, but was admittedly a little stunned by the answer. “Nobody, sir," one of the younger boys said. 

Knowing the stereotypes that come with being a Black male in America, Al started filming these guys to let the world know Black men are more than a hashstag, body bag, or an inmate number. 

“This won’t go unnoticed," Grant told the young men. "I hope to give you as much recognition as you possibly can for it. You guys are an inspiration to other boys!” He later posted the video on Facebook, hoping that it would go viral. And it sho nuff did! The short clip now has over 4 million views and counting! 

The guys weren’t looking for any recognition. They were simply doing it from the heart because they have love and respect for their community and each other. Nevertheless, seeing the video Grant made of them definitely touched people, and many applauded their efforts on Facebook.

It’s always encouraging to see and share examples of Black men (and people of color in general) doing good deeds like this to make a positive impact. 

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