Usher Herpes Accuser Claims They Made A Sex Tape In Surprising New Interview

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If this is true, it’s seriously bad news for Usher.

One of his herpes accusers is now claiming that she filmed her sexual exploits with the rapper, which would pretty much put a nail in the coffin of this case!

Quantasia Sharpton is one of three plaintiffs — including a man — suing Usher. Each claims that they had sexual relations with him without his disclosing the fact that he was positive for herpes (which still isn’t 100% confirmed, but the rumors been getting stronger and stronger over the years).

In Quantasia’s case, she didn’t actually contract the disease but is still suing anyway. She’s the only plaintiff that’s gone public with her identity, and as such is the only one Usher’s been able to publically refute. Sources close to the rapper denied that he met her at her hotel room following a concert, citing that she's not his type.

Many took that last comment as a dig at Quantasia’s weight. One such person was an employee at the hotel the night the alleged hanky panky took place, who immediately came forward to back up Quantasia’s story. On top of that, Quantasia’s lawyer is subpoenaing the hotel for surveillance video of that night, which would also put the matter to rest.

But now that may not be necessary. Why Quantasia would keep a sex tape secret is anyone’s guess, but she just revealed in an interview that she did indeed film their exploits — and what’s more, Usher knew about it.

If it’s true, considering Usher’s denials that they ever hooked up, it would change everything in this case. But she is going to have to show that tape to someone to prove it…

You can watch the full interview above, but if you want to hear Quantasiaa talk about the sex tape, fast forward to 36:30 and press play.

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