Usher Just Denied The Entire Herpes Scandal And Told A Judge That His Accusers Are Liars

Donald Kravitz / Getty Images

Usher has finally had it.

According to a new report, the 38-year-old singer's legal team has just filed a response to the California lawsuit that alleges he exposed two women and one man to genital herpes.

TMZ says Usher has denied everything in the suit, specifically his accusers' claims he had sexual contact with them and that he exposed them to the sexually transmitted disease.

Even if he *did* expose all of them to herpes, Usher says the trio doesn't have a legal claim because the exposure wouldn't have been intentional. Plus, they "assumed the risk" of herpes if they did have sex with him.

The juiciest part of Usher's response, though, is his argument that his accusers have "unclean hands" — meaning they've allegedly done something wrong (though he doesn't give any specifics).

So far, just one of Usher's accusers has gone public. Alongside celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom, Quantasia Sharpton held a news conference in early August where she claimed Usher exposed her to herpes after she celebrated her birthday at one of his concerts. 

While critics have questioned the validity of Sharpton's suit, as she tested negative for herpes, she said she "woud have never consented (to having sex with Usher) if I would have known" he could've exposed her to the STD.

At any rate, don't expect this scandal to stop ~flaring up~ anytime soon. 

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