The Honey Bunches Of Oats Lady Just Retired After 40 Years Of Making 'Sparkle Flakes' And People Are Emotional

honey bunches of oats lady
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America's Sweetheart is hanging up her hairnet!

Diana Hunter, also known as the Honey Bunches of Oats Lady, has just retired from her factory job after forty years of making those delicious "sparkle flakes."

According to The NY Daily News, Diana never intended to become an actress; she was simply a friendly face on the floor of the Battle Creek, Michigan plant where she worked, and just happened to land a spot in a 2015 commercial for the cereal brand.

One of Diana's former coworkers told a BuzzFeed reporter that her last day was Friday, adding that she was "a good friend that will be missed."

If you're tearing up a little bit right now, you're not alone:

Happy retirement, Diana! 🍾

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