Top 10 Funny Things Old Skool Grandmas Have In Common

Top 10 Funny Things Old Skool Grandmas Have In Common

Grandmas are special people. They can be sweet, stern, and funny at the same time. She always has something on the stove and a side of wisdom to go with it. Take note...sit up straight and listen. She means business...but she's the best right!

Top 10 funny things grandmas have in common.

#10 Everything grandma eats gives her gas. Everything!!!

#9 You're only response better be: "Yes Ma'am!!" You better come correct at all times!

#8 Ouch!!! You ain't messing up her couch!!

#7 Grandma's house stays filled with the good snacks! And she doesn't mind you eatin' up!

#6 Her baby aka Uncle Tyrone. He ain't never gonna grow up and get out!

#5 That's Oldsmobile and nightgown tho!!!! Lol

#4 Grandma don't play about her babies!!! #shotsfired

#3 That damn China cabinet...and you bet not touch it!!

#2 Grandma never let's a day go by without her word!!! #Dailybread (Don't let her find out you did either!)

#1 Yaaaas! Food is always on deck and it's not even Thanksgiving!!

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