Trump's Ties To Russia Are Illustrated In New TIME Magazine Cover

time white house kremlin

The cover of TIME magazine usually makes a strong statement about the world we live in, but this latest piece of art might be their most iconic cover yet:

A mash-up of the White House and St. Basil’s Cathedral – the latter an iconic Russian piece of architecture – symbolizes the ongoing scandal between Trump’s administration and it’s alleged ties to Russia.

Many are mistakenly identifying the image of St. Basil’s as The Kremlin (which is basically Russia’s version of our White House), but either way, the point is clear: Russia is slowly infecting our government.

TIME won’t comment on exactly what they mean by the artwork, and instead will leave the interpretation up to the masses. 

In fact, the magazine didn't even include a caption/headline for the cover. The last time they let the art speak for itself was over a decade ago.

The cover has been released in the wake of the firing of FBI Director James Comey, who was in charge of the investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia and Putin. In fact, the timing of this magazine couldn’t be better, since just days ago it was revealed that Trump may have actually fired Comey specifically for digging into that exact scandal.

And none of this is to mention the classified military info Trump leaked to Russian diplomats in the White House just a few days ago.

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