This Woman Served Her Baby's Father Child Support Papers During A Church Service

child support served

There are a lot of good fathers out there who provide for their children both financially and emotionally. They do it freely without prompting from anyone. Apparently, the father of one woman's child needed a little push in the right direction, so she teamed up with one of her good girlfriends to go and find him.

The mom decided that since she couldn't reach him to serve child support papers any other way, she and her bestie went to the place he frequents on Sunday mornings: church. The lady decided to record the whole encounter for the sake of prosperity.

While the mother played camera woman, her friend played process server. The two entered the church and waited for the dad to step out of the sanctuary. The moment he did, the woman's friend gave him his papers and calmly said, "You've been served. Take care." Seeing both woman, he appeared to be caught completely off-guard.

By the time she and the mother reached the parking lot, mom was giggling incessantly. She kept repeating, "I can't breathe! I f**king cannot breathe!" As they walked to the car, her friend bragged about being "so diplomatic" in her delivery.

The last few seconds of the video take place in the car where mom is now laughing loudly while gasping for breath. We're not sure if her intention was to shock the man, embarrass him, or just make sure that he was finally served. The laughter could have just been from the relief of finally catching up with an evader.

Whatever the case, let's hope that the two can come together for the sake of their offspring. The most important person in these disputes is the child. No situation should ever have to come to this.

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