Minnesota Girl Escapes The Three Men That Held Her Captive By Swimming Across A Lake

Thomas Barker, 32, Joshua Holby, 31, and 20-year-old Steven Powers

A Minnesota teen has been reunited with her family after escaping the three men that allegedly held her captive for an entire month.

According to PEOPLE, the girl was found on Tuesday running through a field. Police located her after she asked a stranger to call 911 immediately.

Detectives arrested Thomas Barker, 32, Joshua Holby, 31, and 20-year-old Steven Powers. They were charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault. 

Police said the teen was approached by Barker, who asked her for help. Considering the teen already knew him, she agreed she would give him a hand.

“She offered to assist and entered Barker’s vehicle,” police said. “He [then] restrained her with zip ties, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened her with weapons."

The teen was under their supervision for 28 days straight and would often be locked inside of a closet for hours on end. But on the 29th day, she was alone. That's when she fled to nearby homes, asking for help. Unfortunately, her cries for help were ignored, so she did what she had to do and swam across Thompson lake to find someone who would call 911 for her.

“This remains an ongoing investigation and many details about what happened are still to be learned,” says police. “Investigators are attempting to identify the specific cornfields through which the suspects drove with [the teen]. They are also hoping to locate [her] shoes and pants, which were lost as she swam for help.”

While this entire story is terrifying and horrific, we're so happy she's finally reunited with her family.

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