This Single Father Has Completely Mastered The Art Of Styling His Daughter's Hair

dad hair styler

Let's face it. Dads usually aren't the most skilled parents when it comes to styling little girls hair. Or any hair, for that matter.

Most dads view the collection of 85% of a head of hair into a sloppily made ponytail as a resounding success. We get it, if it's not something you grow up doing, it can be a little daunting. But maybe that's why people are so stoked about what this dad is doing with his daughter's hairstyles. 

Mike is just your average dad who has become an Instagram sensation for the incredible hairstyles he does for his daughter, Asia. And these aren't just normal hairstyles. He really goes for it.

Dad Styles Daughter's Hair

The cool thing about his social media presence is that he adds videos to show how he accomplishes each hairstyle. Not like any dad could do it just by watching the video, but still, at least he's trying to help them.

Mike is a single father to Asia, which definitely explains a little bit how this amazing father-daughter duo came to be. In a video for Redbook Magazine, you can see just how inseparable they are.

Mike learned how to do Asia's hair by watching YouTube tutorials, so next time someone insults you for "wasting time on the internet", all you have to do is direct them to his Instagram account to prove the value of YouTube binging.

There's nothing better than reading about an amazing family and learning that they've been rewarded for being so darn amazing. Mike and Asia are such a bomb duo that Target offered them a modeling deal for its Cat & Jack line on social media.

Single Father Who Does Daughter's Hair
@icemikelovesasia via Instagram

So now Mike and Asia aren't just a father-daughter hair sensation. They're basically taking the world by storm from every angle. 

Oh, and if you haven't started tearing up, check out this quote Mike gave to Redbook about his relationship with his daughter:

"Fathers set the tone in a girl's life and there's no greater bond."

I think everyone would agree that Asia is an incredibly lucky girl for having such an amazing father- but then again, it seems like he's pretty lucky too. 

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