DeAndre Harris Was Beaten To A Pulp By White Supremacists But He's Facing Felony Charges?

DeAndre Harris
DeAndre Harris via WTKR

What is wrong with the world?

DeAndre Harris, the black man that was attacked by white supremacists after a "Unite the Right" rally, is currently facing a felony charge related to the incident. This seems rather off-putting considering the entire incident was caught on video.

See for yourself:

A local magistrate issued an arrest warrant for Harris on Monday for unlawfully wounding Harold Ray Crews, a "Southern Nationalist."

The magistrate’s charge against Harris, who by the way suffered a spinal injury and a head laceration, caught the entire police department by surprise. 

“We were not expecting this. We were expecting to do our own investigation into the man’s allegations,” Detective Sgt. Jake said.

However, it was already out of their hands. Alleged crime victims can go to magistrates for warrants after they've filed police reports, and that's exactly what Crews did. While this news is upsetting, it seems like the police are on Harris' side. They claim Harris did not harm Crews "in any way."

“We find it highly offensive and upsetting,” police said, “but what’s more jarring is that he’s been charged with the same crime as the men who attacked him.”

We hope for once, the justice system has Harris' back. 

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