This 3-Year-Old Boy Has An Awesome Reaction To Being Adopted After 832 Days In Foster Care

This 3-Year-Old Boy Has An Awesome Reaction To Being Adopted After 832 Days In Foster Care
Tara Montgomery

Tara Montgomery had two daughters when she began to foster then 18-month old Michael Brown. It was his third foster family and initially Tara had to no intention to adopt little Michael. As a single mother, she wanted to help with his transition to the next family, but that was all.

But when Michael came into the family's life, it seemed as if a missing piece had come home. 

Michael's birth mother was meant to take him back, but it never worked out. Eventually, the biological mother's rights were severed meaning Michael was eligible for adoption. The process took time, 832 days to be exact, but once the moment came, it was worth the wait.

Michael's fist pump of joy says it all. You couldn't hope for a better reaction from a child. 

It was truly meant to be, since Michael already had the last name of Brown, the same as Tara's children. Plus, people would mistake him as a member of their biological family long before the adoption.

Michael's moment of joy is not over. In an interview with Huffington Post, Tara said that Michael is still thrilled. "Mom, I so happy" he says every morning as he wakes.

Michael's not the only one who's excited to join the family. His sister Dezhianna Brown was thrilled to officially call Michael her brother. She tweeted pictures of Michael's elated adoption to celebrate her new family, thinking nothing of it. But people went crazy. The tweet got over 143,000 likes and 57,000 retweets and that number's sure to go up

Tara Montgomery has no problem with the story of her family blowing up. She loves that they get to bring the subject of adoption into more people's lives. Since it's such a lovely story of a family coming together, it may inspire others to consider adopting or fostering a child of their own.

Tara and the Brown family aren't trying to make any money from their internet fame, they are pleased to spread a little joy. “If this can inspire just one person to make a difference in the life of a child, we are happy.”

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