BREAKING: Terry Crews Is Suing The Agent Who Allegedly Groped Him At A Party

Terry Crews
Mike Windle / Getty Images

Less than a month after filing a police report against the talent agent, TMZ reports that Terry Crews has decided to sue Adam Venit for allegedly sexually assaulting him at a party last year.

Court documents allege that Venit stared at Crews "like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively," then grabbed the Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor's genitals at the Hollywood event.

Crews claims in his suit that he pushed Venit away and told actor Adam Sandler, who was at the same event, to "come get your boy! He's grabbing my nuts." 

Crews claims Sandler called him on his way home from the party to ask if he was OK, to which "Crews responded that he was surprised he got molested at age 48," TMZ writes. Sandler also reportedly "expressed shock" at Venit's behavior, the gossip site adds.

The next day, Crews says he called William Morris Endeavor, the agency where Venit worked, to report the assault and later heard back from an apologetic Venit. He also met with the chairman of the agency, Ari Emanuel, who told him not to fear retaliation after reporting Venit because the agent did not have "that level of power."

Other details of the lawsuit have not yet been shared, but Crews is said to claim that he suffered psychologically as a result of the assault.

Crews had first made public the details of the alleged assault on Twitter back in October following producer Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault scandal. He appeared on Good Morning America to share his story in full just last month; you can watch that interview below:

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