Deion Sanders Raves About Getting Botox At 50: 'I Absolutely Love The Results!'

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When frown lines and crow's feet start popping up, a lot of men merely surrender to the aging process — but Deion Sanders is not one of them.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, the 50-year-old former football and baseball star opened up about the Botox experience that made him feel more confident than ever.

“I feel great!” Sanders gushed. “50 is the new 21. I feel young, I feel very energetic, I feel like taking on the world, I feel like challenging people to work out, to live right, to eat healthy, to make the proper decisions in life. I really feel good. I am in a really good place in life.”

Despite the fact that going under the needle is more taboo among men than it is among women, Sanders said he had no qualms about going public about getting Botox.

“There are a lot of things that I have been the forerunner of,” he explained. “So, I had never played football and baseball in the same day, so I did that. So, I don’t mind being a leader when it comes to (Botox) because it really helps. I feel like I look good, and I feel good.”

Besides, the Pro Football Hall of Famer couldn't feel good about using the "hashtag Truth at the end of all of my social media posts, and have a youth organization called Truth" if he had been hiding his Botox experience, he added.

So what made him even consider Botox in the first place? According to Sanders, it was his high-profile gig as a sports analyst.

“The before and after pictures are distinctly different, and I love the result," he said. "As a matter of fact, I am about to go on TV this weekend, start my job within the network, and I need to go down there and get another hit.”

Sanders' long-time love Tracey Edmonds just might join him on that trip, as she's a big fan of Botox, too: "She is ready to go back with me,” he revealed.

Overall, Sanders' Botox experience seems to have given him an entirely new perspective about the future — for the better.

“I am pretty much at halftime. I feel like I am at halftime in my life," he explained, "and now it’s time to go into the locker room and reassess things and come back out with a whole new plan."

Think you'll ever made Botox a part of your own beauty routine?

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