This Silent Dance Battle Between These Siblings Is The Laugh You Need Today

Siblings Dance Battle
Francklef Dominique Lambert/Twitter

Siblings tend to battle against each other a lot, but maybe not like this!

In one of the latest viral videos sweeping the net, Francklef Dominique Lambert faced off against his older sister, Yve Alexandre, in a silent dance battle!  Literally no music, but wild moves that might put some of these professional dancers out here to shame.

Frank and Yve came home from work, and decided to make a random video of them going at it on the dance floor (aka their kitchen). And the two of them really held nothing back!

So who won? You be the judge!

People on Twitter absolutely loved the siblings’ fun video together!

Frank and Yve are super close, and always play around like this. In fact, they have made quite a few videos together, but this one takes the cake. It literally blew up overnight, gaining over 3 million views!

"It was crazy. Like me and my sister didn’t expect all of this to happen. We were just videoing and I guess the right audience found us,” Frank said to Buzzfeed. "Seeing all of the positive comments, and people constantly liking, re-tweeting, and sharing was just amazing. My purpose is to entertain people, and I did just that which is amazing."

Between the laughs, the fights, and all of the memories in between, there’s truly nothing like the bond between siblings. It’s clear that these two are thick as thieves, and hopefully they make more videos like this. Definitely a much needed laugh for the day!

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