Is Dream Safe? Authorities Step In Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's Drama To Protect Baby Dream

rob kardashian blac chyna

While watching the Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna drama play out has certainly been entertaining/cringeworthy, the most innocent bystander in this clown show sometimes gets overlooked: their daughter Dream is just 10-months old and didn’t ask to be born into all of the drama.

Well now, child services has had enough: the court system is finally stepping into to confirm the toddler is getting the care she needs.

It sounds like the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services has taken the first legal steps to possibly intervene in Dream’s life, going to the L.A. County Dependency Court and asking a judge to decide whether or not the baby is safe.

The authorities probably could have gotten this process going earlier, but sources close to the investigation think Chyna’s alleged drug use is what finally pushed them to act (those rumors date back before the couple split).

The drama surrounding Rob & Chyna’s break-up is the stuff of legend. After calling it quits on their relationship in March, the two have constantly made headlines with their over-the-top back-and-forth accusations. All the sh!t hit the proverbial fan in July, when Rob broke the internet by posting a series of Chyna’s nudes on his Instagram account—she subsequently got a restraining order against her baby daddy.

And then there’s Dream. Her parents have been completely unable to settle their custody battle in the months since their split, and are expected to argue their cases in court later this month.

But like we said, this latest legal action by the authorities may just make Rob & Chyna’s upcoming court date a moot point.

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