This Mom Just Walked Out On Her Son's College Signing Because He Didn't Choose The School She Dressed For

jacob Copeland

Your mother, the person who brought you into this world, is the one human being hardwired to support you through anything, thick and thin, good and bad, Alabama or Tennessee.

But as 4-star recruit Jacob Copeland just found out, if you pick a school that she didn't dress for, that unconditional support goes out the window.

Yesterday was signing day, and in case you're not positively obsessed with amateur football, that's when most of the highly-touted high school football players announce which college they intend to play for. This is usually done while surrounded by family and friends, in front of a low-res camera and in spectacularly awkward fashion.

But Copeland just hit a new level of "WTF."

As you'll see in the clip below, he's got roughly 10 people standing around him — as well as a damn marching band in the stands behind him. I mean, yes, he's the #40 overall high school football recruit in the country according to ESPN, but why don't they roll out the band every time the small-town kid gets into Harvard for acadamic prowess?

(Please don't give me a wedgie).

Anyway, Copeland is front and center with his mom on his right (our left). As you can see, she's cross-dressing, wearing an Alabama hoodie and a Tennessee hat, which were the two schools her son was leaning towards. But then he pulls a fast one and goes Florida instead.

Cue Mom's exit, stage right:

In the most pseudo-deep moment in the history of ESPN, Copeland quickly told reporters of his decision, "I can’t go with my mom, I gotta go with my heart.”

And for those of you wondering, Mom returned a short while later, presumably after pacing in the hallway mumbling for a few minutes, and hugged her son. Because that bond is truly unconditional.

Then she told him to go to his room and think about what he'd done.

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