Ray J Is Facing A $30 Million Lawsuit For Allegedly Riding Off With A Scooter Company Idea

Ray J
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Ray J has been making waves in Silicon Valley with his tech company Raycon Global and its electronic scooters, but the R&B singer's success may soon be coming to a screeching halt if one man gets his way in court. 

TMZ reports that a self-proclaimed "trendsetter, nature lover, and bike aficionado" named Jean Paul is suing Ray J for $30 million, alleging the 36-year-old "Sexy Can I" crooner stole his idea for said electric scooters.

According to the gossip site, Jean Paul claims he and Ray J had talked about launching a scooter company together in 2015, with Ray J serving as its celebrity endorser and investor. Jean Paul alleges he was upset and surprised, then, when Ray J launched a competing company on the low and cut him out of the deal completely.

Ray J had signed a $31 million deal to get Raycon and its "Scoot-E-Bikes" off the ground in November, as Billboard reported, so it looks like Jean Paul is coming for that initial payday. 

TMZ reached out to Ray J's rep for comment, but has not heard back as of Thursday morning. (Maybe they're busy scooting around with celebrity chef Cat Cora once again?)

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