Leaked Clips Shows Cops Who Killed Jordan Edwards Also Tasered A Restrained & Compliant Black Man

marco stephenson taser

How have these cops not wised up yet?

Leaked body cam video shows a Dallas police officer tasing a handcuffed and totally compliant black man in plain view of the neighborhood.

Let’s get it out of the way: the guy in question, Marco Stephenson, has a record. He’s been charged with 37 offenses in the past and been booked 17 times. Which, of course, the policed department was sure to bring up as soon as this video leaked.

But that doesn’t make the clip excusable, in any way, shape or form:

Officers stop Stephenson on the street. You can see him on his hands and knees, totally compliant. The first cop to approach kicks away a gun which, as Stephenson immediately told them, was a BB gun. Either way, Stephenson is restrained.

--this is by no means the most egregious part of the clip, but also notice how they immediately cut away his backpack. It could have been removed before he was cuffed or, as Stephenson can be heard telling them, simply slipped off with the straps. But they ruin the pack anyway.

But all that’s overshadowed by what happens next. Stephenson hasn’t made a single aggressive move since the clip starts, but suddenly, out of f’ing nowhere, one of the cops pulls out his taser and stuns him.

“Don’t pull away! You get it? You get it?! Because I ain’t playing with you today,” the officer in question shouts.

The incident took place last year, but was sent anonymously to journalists after the Jordan Edwards shooting two weeks ago. In case you missed that one, 15-year old Edwards was an honor roll student in the passenger seat of a fleeing car after gunshots, completely unrelated to the party he was at, were heard in the area. An officer aimed his gun into the car and fired without cause, killing Edwards. That officer was eventually fired and charged with murder.

But here’s the kicker -- the Edwards shooting was in the exact same Texas town as this Stephenson incident.

Since this latest vid happened last year, the department already discussed the incident. “We looked at it,” according to the police chief. “At the end of the day, they did the right thing.” And yet, that sergeant (yea, the guy with the taser is an officer) was forced to take classes before being allowed back out in the field.

Because that’ll definitely solve the problem…

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