Does This Shoe Look Pink Or Grey To You? The Internet CANNOT Agree

shoe color

Everyone remembers ‘The Dress’....

...but are you ready for ‘The Shoe’?

The same controversy has cropped up again, this time about a single Vans sneaker, because no one can agree what color this thing actually is.

Alright, you’ve now see the original picture. You have two options: is it grey and teal, or pink and white? (We suppose there’s an option three, ‘none of the above’, but then you really should go see an eye doctor)

The citizens of Twitter have strong opinions on the matter, featuring lots of caps and poor spelling:

But what is the right answer? Drum roll please…

Pink. And. White.

Which, if you were seeing grey and teal (like the author of this story, for one), will make you say ‘WTF’ quite loudly and startle the mild-mannered people near you. So just what in the name of optometry is going on here?

For one, it looks like the picture quality plain sucks. Notice the coloring of the guy’s hand on the left? It’s most definitely rocking a blue tint, which half-explains why so many people are getting thrown off.

The other piece of this riddle is light sensitivity. Based on how everyone’s eyeballs are different and combined with their current workload (what have you been looking at lately – a bright computer screen? Dark roads on the morning drive to work?) your brain will interpret the visual differently.

Still not convinced? OK, fine, here’s the shoe from Vans' website:

Vans via This Is Insider

Sure it looks legit…but honestly we still don’t believe it!

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