Nicki Minaj Shades Remy Ma In 'No Frauds' Video With Help From A Special Guest

Rah Ali, Nicki Minaj, No Frauds

Look, just the other day, Rah Ali came out and said that she wasn't snuggling up to Nicki Minaj just to get back at her former friend Remy Ma. This after she knew Remy and Nicki have beef. After she heard the way "shEther" singed the edges of Nicki's weave. And after she saw Nicki's "No Frauds" response, with Tunechi and Drake in tow. 

Now, all of a sudden, she's hopping in videos and doing it from the Gram in pics with Nicki. As all the Barbies salivated in excitement over Nicki's highly anticipated "No Frauds" video which she filmed across the pond, there was one part of the video no one expected.

Rah Ali, jumps in on the line the Young Money princess used to clear the air about her butt job. 

"Rah took you to her doc' but you don't look like Rah," Nicki growled. "Left the operating table still look like nah." 

But if you're previous IG was true, Rah, then why are you up in Nicki's video playing coy to that line right there? 

So, obviously, the shade was real. And more than likely, there'll be more to come as Remy Ma is not the kind of person to sit idly. But we all have to be wondering what prompted Rah to jump ship in such a real way. We've also got to ask ourselves: Was Ali the one pumping information to Minaj before she dropped her diss record? If so, this feud could go even deeper than it appears to right now. 

All in all, it'll be hard for Ali to come back and say that she and Remy are still "cordial" after this one. Also, as someone who considers herself to have the "rare trait of loyalty" we all may need to ask ourselves what that really means. Real friends, y'all. How many of us really got 'em?

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