New Prison Bae Scores Modeling Contract, Just Like Jeremy Meeks

Mekhi Alante Lucky mugshot
Wake Mugshots

We live in an age where mugshots turn into employment. This was the case for the old “prison bae,” Jeremy Meeks, who earned a modeling contract after his mugshot went viral. Turns out there’s another man, following in his footsteps: Mekhi Alante Lucky.

Lucky is a 20-year-old North Carolina resident who’s had a few run-ins with the law. Last April he was brought in on charges of larceny and eluding arrest, leading to this mugshot: 

Now? He’s doing high fashion photo shoots under Atlanta-based St. Claire Modeling agency. And the transformation is real.

"Last year, I began seeing Mekhi's mugshot on Instagram,” Damiani O’Bryant of St. Claire Modeling told BuzzFeed, “I instantly knew that he was perfect for St. Claire Modeling.

Indeed, he was quite popular on the internet, partly due to his eyes, one blue and one brown. Lucky has a rare condition called heterochromia that leads to different colored eyes. 

Lucky also has two misdemeanor charges for interfering with emergency communications and resisting an officer according to The News & Observer.

Lucky welcomed his first child, a baby girl named Brooke, in June and she seems to have inherited her dad's blue eyes. He certainly considers himself lucky.

The difference between Lucky and the original prison bae, however, is that Lucky’s never been to actual prison—only the Wake County jail. Though, now that his modeling career's taken off, let's hope he never sees that place again.

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