Nelly Just Addressed His Sexual Assault Allegations For The First Time On Camera: 'I'm Innocent!'

Scott Dudelson / Getty Images

In his first on-camera interview since the sexual assault allegations against him surfaced, Nelly insisted on his innocence and claimed the media's treating him unfairly in a chat with TMZ's cameramen at LAX Wednesday.

Him going on the defensive was expected of, course — but in the final seconds of the interview, the cameraman asks the 43-year-old rapper a simple but loaded question that prompts a surprising response:

"Is it a bad idea to get intimate with fans?"

"...I don't know about that," Nelly responds. Well then!

Nelly had been sued for sexual assault and defamation back in October by a Seattle fan who claimed she raped him on his tour bus after a show. Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges against him when his alleged victim refused to cooperate in the case, saying she didn't wish to testify against a celebrity.

Five months after his arrest in that incident, Nelly is once again under investigation for sexual assault — this time by British authorities, who received a report from a woman who claims he forced her to perform  oral sex and called her a c*nt in his dressing room after a show in December.

With that in mind, what are your thoughts about his attitude about fan hookups?

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