'Mama Don't Leave Me!': Freshman Has Full-Blown Meltdown On The First Day Of School

Freshman Meltdown School

Welp, school is officially back in session (insert praise break for the parents). Some kids are happy, others are mad, and some are downright terrified. But no one beats this poor girl and her dramatics before her first day of high school!

In Mesquite, TX, freshman J’ia Gladney was excited to be heading into high school, according to her mom, Crystal Alexander. Things took a turn as they passed her old school and pulled up to John Horn High School, and that’s when it all got real for J’ia! 

“As we got closer to the school, she started to get panicky and overwhelmed,” Crystal said in an interview.

J’ia went into full on panic mode, crying and begging her mom not to leave her. Crystal even had to circle the school five times just to get the girl to calm down! In true mom fashion though, she captured J’ia’s meltdown on camera.

Some people online felt the poor girl’s pain, but some thought she was just being ridiculously extra. Some even though Crystal should’ve laid a whooping on her for acting up like that!

All’s well that ends well, though. J’ia ended up meeting with some friends from middle school, sparking up conversations with her new teachers, and had a great first day of school. And now she’s a viral star at her school…though probably not in the way she wanted! 

Wonder how many other parents had to deal with this as they dragged their kids back to school?

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