Meek Mill's Judge Denies Bail Request, Says He Is A 'Danger To The Community'

Meek Mill
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Just when it looked like Meek Mill was going to get a fair shot, in steps Judge Brinkley to tighten the shackles and make it so that he spends more unnecessary time behind bars.

TMZ reports that after a higher court ruled that Judge Brinkley had to give Meek a bail hearing "without further delay," Brinkley has denied his bail request because she considers him to be a flight risk. In a 119-page document filed on December 1, she also called him "a danger to the community," and accused him of cheating on his drug tests by using products to clean his system. 

There have been claims by Meek Mill's (real name Robert Williams) legal team that Judge Brinkley has a personal vendetta against the Philadelphia rapper. The 2-4 year state prison sentence came after charges against him for violating probation were dropped by the prosecutors and no jail time was recommended. 

Judge Brinkley reportedly once asked Meek to make her an apology song to the tune of Boyz II Men's "On Bended Knee," and when he refused her response was, "Okay, suit yourself." It looks like that threat was more of a promise.

Joe Tacopina, Meek's lawyer, tells TMZ that the denial is Brinkley being her usual biased self, and says that they will appeal the decision.

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