Here's How Marlon Wayans Reacted To News Of Richard Pryor And Marlon Brando's Hookup

marlon wayans, marlon brando and richard pryor
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ICYMI, Quincy Jones and Richard Pryor's widow asserted this week that her late husband slept with actor and director Marlon Brando back in the day.

“It was the ’70s!” Jennifer Lee Pryor told TMZ Wednesday. “Drugs were still good, especially quaaludes. If you did enough cocaine, you’d f*ck a radiator and send it flowers in the morning.” (What. A. Quote.)

Surprising? Maybe to some. Here's what comedian Marlon Wayans had to say about the hookup when the gossip site's cameramen caught up with him late Wednesday night: "That's a handsome guy. [Pryor's] got good taste!"

Wayans also pointed out that a serious amount of drugs were used back in the day.

TMZ hilariously noted that Pryor basically told the entire world that he was bisexual eons ago, but no one actually took him seriously:

What's that saying... "many a true word is said in jest"?

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