Janet Jackson Denounces White Supremacy On State Of The World Tour

janet jackson
Alexander Tamargo / Getty Images

Janet Jackson returned to the stage last night for the first stop on her State of the World Tour, but her fierce post-baby snapback wasn't the only thing that got fans talking.

The 51-year-old singer kicked off her Lafayette, Louisiana show Thursday evening with powerful visuals slamming domestic terrorism, racism, and xenophobia.

The FADER reports that Jackson's video introduction featured images of unarmed Black men who were killed by police officers, including Eric Garner, Michael Brown, and Jonathan Ferrell, before playing audio clips explaining the dangers of white supremacy.

After one fan shared a clip of Janet's visuals on Twitter, people chimed in with praise for her willingness to speak out:


And at least one person couldn't help but notice that Jackson was tougher on white supremacy than the country's president:

Politics weren't the only focus of Jackson's Cajundome show, as she flawlessly reminded us later that night just before launching into "Control":

And snatch wigs she DID:

Literally all of us after seeing Janet do her thing:

Ms. Jackson for president, TBH.

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