Hospital Staffers Fired For Making Infants Dance To Rap Music And Calling Them 'Mini Satans'

Hospital Staffers Fired For Making Infants Dance To Rap Music And Calling Them 'Mini Satans'
Source: Facebook via USMC Life

Just when I think humans can't be more despicable than they already are, they yell "hold my beer!" Two hospital staff in Jackson, Florida have been fired for inappropriate behavior toward infants. The corpsmen from Naval Hospital of Jacksonville thought it was good idea to hold up newborn babies, make them dance to rap music as if they were puppets, give the babies the middle finger and call them "mini Satans" while snapping photos. Then, these psychos posted the photos to Snapchat. 

Navy Surgeon General Forrest Faison denounced the horrific behavior and called for an "immediate, mandatory all-hands stand down within 48 hours at all Navy Medicine commands to review our oaths, our pledges, our reasons for serving, as well as Navy Medicine’s policy regarding use of personally owned phones and other recording devices.”

The Naval Hospital has taken action and the corpsmen have since been removed from patient care and will likely be courtmartialed via Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ. 

CBS 46  identified the two corpsmen as Allyson Thompson and Joanie Barrett.  Denisa Shallito, a military spouse and former classmate of Thompson, saw the post on her Snapchat feed and shared it via Facebook. Thompson captioned one of the photos "How I currently feel about these mini Satans." Huffpost says the Facebook (which has since been deleted) immediately went viral, "being shared over 300,000 times. 

Source: CBS 46

In the now-deleted post, Shellito said "A girl I went to high school with is a navy nurse and this is how her and her shitty friend treat the babies that have just been born. My blood is literally boiling and I want to snitch bc that is someone’s child. The first pic is her friend who is making the baby dance and she’s playing rap music in the background. I’m LIVID...” At the end of the post she calls people in her community to  "email, make calls, do whatever it takes to get through to administration."

Anthony Kolenc, a professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law and former military JAG, told WTLV-TV that there are four possible routes of punishment for the corpsmen:

  1. Administrative discipline, which means they could get written up, but not fired.
  2. Administrative Discharge, which means they would get fired, but receive no criminal charges.
  3. Captain’s Mast, which means harsher discipline like losing rank, a pay dock, being restricted to the base, but receiving no criminal charges.
  4. Court Martial, which would be the equivalent of a criminal trial, in which they could receive a dishonorable discharge.

After the investigation, who knows how many hospital staff have been fired for inappropriate behavior for doing something similar! Not only did these women take an oath to care for others, they took an oath to serve our nation! What kind of human being does this to a defenseless child let alone an infant?

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