Here's What Tamar Braxton Doesn't Love About Hubby Vince's 100 Pound Weight Loss

Here's What Tamar Braxton Doesn't Love About Hubby Vince's 100 Pound Weight Loss
Wendy Williams Show via You Tube

If you are a fan of the reality show Tamar & Vince, then you will recall them sharing the extended hospital stay Vincent Herbert had back in 2015 for several blood clots. It was a frightening time for the couple as doctors were uncertain of whether or not he would pull through the ordeal. His health challenges continued as Vince's weight caused further problems. So, he changed his diet and had weight loss surgery which has resulted in dropping almost 100 pounds--and he looks great!

When the former talk show host on The Real sat down with People Now, she was very candid about life with Vince since the surgery. And guess what Tamar Braxton doesn't love about her hubby's weight loss? She thinks he is getting a little too thin for her tastes! "I’m very happy only because he’s much healthier and I want him around forever, but, you know, I like a little meat on my man’s bones," Tamar said. He is now 230 pounds.

The wildly popular couple stopped by the Wendy Williams Show just a few days ago to promote the new season of Braxton Family Values, but of course they had to talk about Vince's new body. He was excited to share that he was feeling great and no longer had to take 13 pills a day, and Tamar joked that she is now the "thick one" in the relationship.

They also shut down the gossip about their ever-looming intent to divorce according to the tabloids. All marriages have their struggles, Tamar says. The couple has been together for 14 years and married for eight of them. They have endured health challenges, issues with Tamar's infertility, talk of Vince having a "love child," and rampant speculation about their finances just for starters. What's worse is that back in August, many news outlets including BET reported a domestic violence dispute that resulted in a 911 call. 

Tamar says that their relationship is great but that everything can change in an instant. They have a normal marriage like everybody else. She told People that one benefit of her husband's newfound healthy lifestyle, which she seems to have zero complaints about, is the fact that Vincent now has "lots of energy."Are you are picking up what we are puttin' down? So here's a little something for all of those divorce rumors:

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