Godmother Savagely Beat And Tortured A 3-Year-Old To Death And The Family Just Wants To Know Why?

Danielle L. Turner and Latrice Walden

Many moms would tell you that the birth of a child, whether it's their first of their last, is one of the best days of their lives. But while Latrika Brown was in the hospital in February 2016 giving birth to her son, Danielle Turner brutalized Brown's 3-year old daughter Latrice Walden over a four-day period. Turner inflicted the toddler with over 100 bruises and cuts eventually killing her with a blow to the head. Turner now faces five to 40 years in prison after pleading no contest. 

Brown is still in shock over the fact that Turner, the baby's godmother and her friend for over 10 years, would do something like this--and she still doesn't know why. Initially, Turner's attorney requested a psychiatric evaluation where she was deemed unfit to stand trial. Within three days, that decision was overturned. Taking the deal knocked her first-degree felony charge down to second-degree murder. And yet, Turner has offered no explanation for what she did.

Apparently, the abuse didn't go unnoticed. Neighbors as well as friends who visited with Turner heard the child's screams that lasted throughout the weekend until Sunday. Little Latrice was a regular visitor in Turner's home, but no one saw fit to step in on her behalf. Not only did Turner wait six hours before calling 911, she lied and said that Latrice had fallen and hit her head in the bathtub. But blood was found everywhere in the apartment except the bathroom. According to WHSV, baby Latrice was already in cardiac arrest by the time help arrived.

The thought of her daughter being abused and helpless haunts Brown. "Ya'll could have said something. It could have been resolved, and my daughter could be here. All of this could have been prevented," Brown said.

People, we have to do better. If we don't protect our babies, who will? There was at least one other incident in 2015 where neighbors heard the abuse. One phone call or a knock on the door could have very well saved this little girl's life. Turner isn't the only guilty party here. Nope. Not at all.

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