Philando Castile Paid For Students' Lunches. Now A Fund Will Honor His Legacy And Continue To Help Children In Need

Philando Castile

The late Philando Castile was tragically taken away from this earth with no justice served. However, his legacy lives on through a new fund to continue the amazing work he was doing for kids before he died.

Philando was the nutrition services supervisor at J.J. Hill Montessori Magnet School in St. Paul, Minnesota before he was unjustly killed by a police officer right in front of his girlfriend and daughter SMH. A case that angered and upset many of us, and had a lasting impact on those at J.J. Hill as well. The kids at the school had a deep love for “Mr. Phil,” who would often pay out of his own pocket for food for students who couldn’t pay for lunch.

After Philando’s death, Inver Hills Community College professor Pam Fergus pitched the idea to start a fundraiser in his name to continue that legacy!  The fund, “Philando Feeds The Children,” is raising money to cover student lunches at J.J. Hill and other schools, all for kids who aren’t eligible for free lunch but can’t afford meals.

According to Stacy Koppen, nutritional services director for St. Paul Public Schools, lunch for just one kid in elementary school for the year can cost up to $400. Over the course of a year, the price may seem low to some, but, to others, that can be rough to manage.

Pam started the fundraiser with a goal to just raise $5,000, but now she’s helped raise over $60,000! Absolutely incredible. And what’s even better is that Philando’s own mom, Valerie, has agreed to match the final total. “She said, ‘The only thing I want for my son is for people to remember him with honor and dignity,'" Pam said. And we absolutely will! You can donate to the cause below: 

If it’s anyone who remembers the great man that Philando was, it’s his students at J.J. Hill, who still struggle to deal with the lost. When you have a man who was hard-working, kind, and generous killed for no just reason at all, it’s hard for anyone with a heart to understand, much less kids. However, in spite of his death, he continues to live on through his family and this fund, which is set to become an official nonprofit to help children everywhere.

Continue to rest well will never be forgotten!

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